Do you wish you could do more reading?

How many magazines or articles come into your life that you really want to read, but never seem to get too? How many places do magazines pile up just waiting for you to peruse? Life has gotten so busy for so many of us that we don’t always get the reading time we desire.

Here is how to change that…

    • Get a holding container for your desired reading items (we like magazine files)
    • Keep one where you will do the reading (i.e. next to your bed, near the couch, in your reading nook, in your office). Sometimes this means you will have more than one in your home.

  • Now schedule some times you would like to just sit down and read. Yes, put it on your calendar!


Baby steps make a big difference!

This is only the first step of your new system, but can you already feel what a difference just this will make in your life? At first, it can feel weird to schedule something like reading. I sometimes still struggle with scheduling activities that I would like to just happen organically and I’ve been practicing it for over 2 years. But if it means making things happen in my life, I’m willing to do it.

This is magazine file I use…

Clear & SIMPLE, RealSpace Magazine File


* This post is part of a series, called Paper Flow. Please see posts around it for the full story.


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