Clear & Simple Steps Course


The starter course for people who want to get and stay organized!

No matter how overwhelmed you may feel in the moment… no matter how chaotic your space may currently be… The Clear & Simple steps will show you exactly 1. Where to start, 2. What to do, and 3. How to keep it up.

I’m Marla Dee, professional organizer for 20+ years and creator of The Clear & Simple Way©. I was born with the organizing gene. While organizing came naturally to me, I saw the pain and distress that disorganization and clutter caused others. Knowing I needed a way to teach them how to do what came naturally for me, I created The Clear & Simple Systems©. For the past 10 years, our community at large has been asking for a digital course that walks them through these step-by-step systems and shows them exactly what to do at each step. I’m ecstatic to say that day is here!

What’s in the course?

  • 6 modules showing you the systems on a small, medium and large project
  • Videos walking you through the steps
  • Before & Afters on each project
  • PDFs from each module you can print out
  • Membership in the Clear & Simple Way Private Facebook Group (only if desired)


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