Your Right & Left Brain can now work together!

“When sitting down to create a mind map all you need are two things; an idea and a brain. You put your idea in the centre and let your brain do the rest.” Andrea Leyden

Mind Mapping is our favorite tool for the MAP IT. © Step. Remember MAP IT. © stands for Make-a-plan. But often this is confusing and overwhelming. Mind mapping to the rescue!! “Whenever I get STUCK in my day or any project, I whip out paper and do a mind map. It has become an essential tool. I also go to this tool first when planning any new project or for my week and day.” Marla Dee

WHY – No matter what the project or the size, mind mapping makes it simple. And whether you are a left brain list maker or a right brain artist, mind mapping will work for you. You can use mind mapping for planning out:

  • Your year, month, week or dayClear & SIMPLE, Mind Mapping
  • Any size project, large or small
  • A paper, report or any writing project
  • A creative project such as a website
  • Creating to do or task lists
  • An upcoming trip or event


HOW – Here are some simple tips and resources for learning how so you can use this tool all the time.

  1. The ideal size paper is 11×17 but 8×11 works just fine – grab printer paper.
  2. You can use pictures, words or a combination of both.
  3. Draw or write your main image or project at the center of the page.
  4. Then ask what parts come to mind that are part of this project and draw them around your central theme.
  5. One by one as the thoughts come to you, expand on each element.
  6. Keep going until you have dumped out everything in your brain related to your theme.
  7. If there is one part that turned into a loaded area, you can do a separate mind map just on that.
  8. You can also do this joyfully and easily on the COMPUTER. There are all kinds of digital mind mapping software; both FREE and PAID. These are just examples. A quick internet search will bring up a lengthy list of options.

Make-a-Mind-Map click here for detailed step-by-step instructions that make it simple! You will also see some great TIPS.

Clear & SIMPLE, Mind Mapping Tips

Have fun with this. Make it a ritual that is supportive and rewarding to you. Please share your stories with us!

Marla, Kate & Team