Is your stuff adding to your life – or draining your life?

We were recently inspired and changed by a thought provoking man and his message. James Wallman, author of Stuffocation, is revealing our relationship (as a human community) with our stuff and how it is changing. His message is much deeper than just letting go of stuff. We agree with him that releasing is just the beginning.

Clear & SIMPLE, James Wallman

As a global society we have more stuff than ever. Our homes are busting at the seams even after putting many of our “precious belongings” in storage. According to the Self Storage Association, the self storage industry generated over $25 BILLION DOLLARS in revenue in 2014 and continues to grow. What?!?! We are spending mass amounts of money to store things we will most likely never use, let alone see! Just think of the experiences we could have with all of that money.

We love having things, but we realize they don’t really provide the profound connection, meaning and value that we all crave. Experiences like spending time with loved ones and exploring our world are what deepen our true enjoyment of life. The experience and the memory it creates are what we really crave.

Everything takes time, energy and money – not only to buy, but to maintain. (Tweet this) We get to choose where we want our resources to go.  Will it be taking care of stuff or having experiences? The choice is yours!

We’d like to invite you to listen to James’ conversation about “Stuffocation” with Doug Fabrizio on Radio West.

Clear & SIMPLE, Radio West

Breathing through this together,

Marla, Kate & Team