Creating and caring for a home together is often challenging. We each have a relationship with our stuff and patterns that show up in our space. When it comes to mixing our stuff with someone else all kinds of issues can arise…

  • I need stuff out where I can see it and he wants it all tucked away
  • I like a simple space and she is a collector
  • What do we do with all the double’s now that we are living together
  • Why do you need these old T-shirts that are 30 years old – or your grandma’s china
Our TOP THREE TIPS for creating shared space are –

1 – A Room to YOURSELF. Each of you gets one room (or space) that is ALL YOURS! It gets to look the way you want, have the stuff you want and function how you want. It is your space to keep your way. This tip is critical for long-lasting relationship contentment.

2 – A Room you both LOVE. It is vital to have one room in the home (preferably the bedroom) that you both love to be in together. You have each shared in the choices for furniture, colors, the stuff and the feel. It is free of clutter or other people’s stuff. This is your sweet space to share with each other.

3 – The MAGIC Question?  When it comes time to organize another area, or to do any kind of project together – start with the magical question. This question brings together the SEE IT.© (take a look at where you are) and MAP IT.© (make a plan for where you want to go) Steps and makes it simple. Ask how do you want the new space to look, feel and function?  Each of you write your answers and then share with each other. You will get insights, save time & money and decrease your stress by doing this.

These TIPS are taken from almost 20 years of working with hundreds of couples. Since we all tend to attract our opposite in some way, these tips can make a huge difference in your relationship. We would love to hear from you!

Marla, Kate & Team

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