Here’s the first step to tackling your paper piles!

Get yourself a vertical container that will hold ALL of your incoming paper for a week. That’s right. You get to put it all in there and then process it just once a week. You can even get one for each family member, or one for personal and one for business, to make it even easier to go through. It’s not really magic, but it will feel like it is when your kitchen counter, dining table and desk are clear of all those stacks.

We recommend the mesh wall pocket.

  • It’s Vertical. Vertical = Action. Horizontal = Rest. Using vertical keeps active energy in your papers.
  • Wider at the top. This allows for what Marla calls “the fingertip flip” allowing to quickly find a paper you may need.
  • Mobile. You can hang it on the wall near the door you come in with all of the paper, but can take it to your processing zone.


Always select containers that are practical AND that you love!

Ultimately no matter what we suggest, if you are not happy with it you will not use it. We love the wall pocket for all the reasons mentioned above, but also because it is simple and affordable. If you prefer a different style, do a little shopping around. Make as much of the process enjoyable as possible. Bring in the joy wherever you can!

Click here to purchase the mesh wall pocket.

Black Mesh Wall Pocket, Clear & SIMPLE

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