Tip #1: Choose only 1 small, 1 medium and 1 large organizing project for each season!

Clutter clearing can feel overwhelming.  Getting organized often feels impossible. My real life tip is to choose ONE small, ONE medium, and ONE large project for each season.  Then schedule only one project for each month.The beginning of the year holds this big push for change.  However, the best way to really make a change is to keep it small and realistic. Then let go of the stress and pressure to do it all or to keep doing more.  Let this be enough.

There is also ease and power by aligning our projects with the cycles of the earth and our bodies. Our bodies naturally feel and align with the seasons of our earth.  In the cold months we want to slow down and hibernate. In the warn months we want to play.  

Some ideas for a small project (2-3 hours) –
  • your purse or wallet
  • your briefcase or tool bag
  • Your computer desktop or smart phone pictures
  • your junk drawer or office supply drawer  – my favorite container above www.containerstore.com 
A medium project (4-6 hours) might be –
  • Your dresser top & drawers
  • Your desktop or paper piles
  • Your action file container
  • Your Vital Documents
A large project (1-3 days) could be –
  • Your pantry or cupboards
  • Your clothes closet or bedroom
  • Your files for this year (get www.freedomfiler.com)
  • Your computer files and folders

I have joyfully chosen my projects for this winter season.  My small one is my music CD’s, my medium is my digital photos and my large one is my updating my Vital Documents now that I am engaged and my children are adults!  Please take 10 minutes now, choose yours, write them down and share them with me.  I will give you a reward.  And contact us if you want or need help to get them done.

Your Guide – Marla Dee

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