We are FREE of stuff that was dragging us down and keeping us stuck!

We are deeply honored, humbled and inspired by everyone who joined our 30 Day Clutter Clear Out this year. Wow. Thank you for showing up, taking action and sharing your wonderful stories with us! We now want to share a little with you about how our lives were changed.

Marla’s story

Where does all the stuff come from?  How does it keep piling up?  Why do I still have that? These were some of my questions as I wandered around my home each day looking for something to release.  What surprised me was that I found old stuff in every room. I couldn’t believe it.  I have been practicing living simply for years now.

Yet, I still found stuff!  Stuff that was homeless, stuff from years ago still taking up space, stuff I had forgotten. It was little things and big things.  It was singular things that held deep meaning. The most loaded items for me were the ones that tied into my kid’s childhood.  I have been an empty nester for only 7 months now.  After 30 years of creating a home for my children and caring for their things, I am on my own. My daily life is different without my kids and their stuff. It is not simple or easy to trust this change.  It is a daily journey.  The 30 day group has been a big gift to me. I don’t want to do this alone.  Hearing others share about going through their drawers, magazines, emails and kids stuff was the strength I needed to go through mine.

Here wasClear & SIMPLE, Winnie the Pooh a story of mine from day 3. These awesome Pooh ABC foam puzzle pieces are from Jessica’s 1st birthday. She is now 20. My grandson used them but he just turned 10. Both my kids say let them go. Seems like it would be easy but I have such resistance.  I realize they came from a special friend that I miss.  Also, I want to make sure they go to someone who will really enjoy them.

I get to trust the Universe here. I get to practice what I preach.

To close, I am compelled to share that I saved the toughest stuff for the end – the digital and calendar clutter.  I am now seeing the light at the end of my email nightmare tunnel. Kate is teaching me how to use Wunderlist to handle all my to do’s and keep them organized in one place. And I have released giving time and energy to work that doesn’t serve my soul’s purpose. More coming on these insights…

Kate’s story

Since relocating to Los Angeles in June of 2013, my little family and I have been radically shifting our lives and home. What started as just wanting to greatly simplify turned into minimalism. For us that means having only things that we use and/or support us in living truly soul-inspired lives. We’ve discovered that we want to spend as much time as possible playing, loving, learning and adventuring…and we now know it is possible with less stuff taking up time, energy and money.

Through about 25 layers we have released somewhere around 75% of what we moved with. Our drawers, closets and cupboards are organized and everything has a home. Sure our day-to-day activities bring the stuff out and we end up with piles of things that sit, often longer than I would like (I even sometimes let the kitchen stay messy and play games instead of cleaning), but homeostasis is easily reinstated. It is the most liberating experience of my life.

Needless to say that as our 30 Day Clutter Clear Out approached, I thought to myself, “what on earth am I going to release?” Throughout the last month I have been able to take an even deeper look at my areas of pain with “stuff.” There were a few areas of physical belongings that I was able to do even another layer of clearing on, but at this point my greatest struggle is digital and time related.

Through getting VERY clear on only doing what I love and yes, the seemingly tedious tasks that accompany most endeavors, and practicing daily how to simply stay focused, my schedule is feeling lighter, freer and more like an adventure.

This life is not easy. We come into family patterns and programming that advertently and inadvertently shape us to a large degree. Our experiences play a huge part in that as well. My best advice is to decide how you want to FEEL each and every day and be open to the “tools” that show up to help you create your life around that.


SPECIAL THANKS to Marilyn Sorenson for sharing her after photo above of her home office.  In the last month she then took BIG STEPS of selling most of her things and moving to Africa to give meaningful service to others.  Just one example of the inspiring stories from our group.

We simply cannot thank everyone enough for their contributions to this movement. Accountability and open hearted sharing have brought about miracles.

Big love and appreciation,

Marla & Kate