Yes, Bankers Boxes can save your sanity, and even your marriage!

The Clear & SIMPLE Way is all about keeping organizing simple and joyful. That might seem laughable when it comes to actually handling the stuff, but that’s exactly why we LOVE banker’s boxes together with post-it-notes. When you pair them with the first step of S.T.AC.K.S. ©, which is SORT, you get this supportive blend of the right tool for the right step.

We have heard from our clients that Bankers Boxes completely transform the sorting process and even save marriages! Often the person who likes order and everything put away partners with the person who is attached to stuff and having everything out where they can see it. This can be a disaster when it comes to doing an organizing project together. Bankers Boxes satisfy both needs – the stuff is neatly contained but you can find what you need.

Here’s a little list of what we love about bankers boxes combined with the post-it-note labels:
  • They make it easier to do the sort because the piles are now easy to identify
  • They are the container for the piles and make it easy to move the piles as you go along
  • They remove all the visual distraction of the piles and replace it with a calm energy
  • They keep all of the stuff contained until you are ready to make decisions about it
  • At the end of the working session you can put the lids on and stack them all nice and neat out of your way
  • The lids are great for all the little “stuff”Sort Supplies

So before you start into sorting the stuff we suggest – go get a minimum of 30 bankers boxes. They come in packs of 10. You will use them over and over again for multiple projects. See below for some places you can order them online and then pick them up. Also get a large pack of super sticky post-it-notes in a color you love along with a black sharpie.

Now you are ready to SORT! Remember you are just asking one question – What is it? Sort like with like into the BB and create a label with each new box. When you run out of time, just stack the boxes on top of each other and put against a wall. You can still find things if you need to until you can return to the job.

Bankers Boxes are sold at a variety of places like Office Depot and Walmart (best price is Walmart).

We hope you find true sanity in the SORT with this awesome new TOOL! Please share your stories with us.

Marla, Kate & Team