If you aren’t using it, let someone else love it!

Isn’t it amazing how stuff, from paper to toys, keeps coming in and piling up? So much of it isn’t even used but we don’t have the time or energy to deal with all of it. It’s not like you can take a whole month off to go through it all, right? So we want to make it easier for you to clear out what you no longer need or want. Most of us feel better if we can make a little cash and/or support good causes. The short and simple list below is some favorites you can start using today. We have been using these ourselves to clear out yet another layer.

  1. Let Go – A great app to help you easily sell valuable items along with focusing on your own neighborhood.
  2. Trash Nothing – For items with less value or those that you want to send to a new home, but want the recipient to receive for free. Join the FreeCycle MOVEMENT now!
  3. The Container Store & Goodwill – This powerful partnership created the Kiss Clutter Goodbye movement to offer a simple place where you can donate unwanted items and then find container solutions to beautifully organize what you have left. Special Event April 23, 24, 30th around the nation. Check it out!
Personal Story from Marla – this last weekend I set myself FREE of the furniture that was taking up space in my partner Bob’s tool shop. When I moved in with him a year ago, there were things that I just wasn’t ready to let go of yet! Know the feeling? It included my daughter’s sleigh bed from pottery barn, a beautiful white table from the business office I had with my sister many years ago and more… So I used the Let Go app (mentioned above) and SOLD EVERYTHING. I was reminded how joyful it is to see another person get so excited about taking this new item than I no longer need or love.

Here are some additional links for national agencies that will make it easy for you to let go of the stuff that is keeping you stuck!

We would love to hear stories of the joy, freedom and more beyond the hurdle of releasing belongings. Please share with us.

In sacred support and guidance – Marla, Kate & Team

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