Here’s another simple step to managing your paper!

It’s time to set up a Simple Action System. This is where you will gather all of the papers that require you “do” something…make a call, pay a bill, send a card, schedule an event. Having just one place that you can go to for these things will change your relationship with paper AND with getting things done.

To put together your system you will need the following items…

  • Container
  • Files with labels
  • Clear project folders
  • Post-its, sharpie


Putting all of the pieces together!

Start by labeling the folders with about 5-7 categories (i.e. Bills to Pay, Calendar, Projects, Cards to Send, Calls to Make). When you come across a paper that requires that you act on it, grab a marker and post, write how long you think it will take to handle the action. File that paper into your system. Now all you have to do is schedule time each week that you will sit down and spend time handling your items.

Clear & SIMPLE, RealSpace Hanging File

* This post is part of a series, called Paper Flow. Please see posts around it for the full story.

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