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Here’s another simple step to managing your paper!

It’s time to set up a Simple Action System. This is where you will gather all of the papers that require you “do” something…make a call, pay a bill, send a card, schedule an event. Having just one place that you can go to for these things will change your relationship with paper AND with getting things done.

To put together your system you will need the following items…

  • Container
  • Files with labels
  • Clear project folders
  • Post-its, sharpie


Putting all of the pieces together!

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Do you wish you could do more reading?

How many magazines or articles come into your life that you really want to read, but never seem to get too? How many places do magazines pile up just waiting for you to peruse? Life has gotten so busy for so many of us that we don’t always get the reading time we desire.

Here is how to change that…

  • Get a holding container for your desired reading items (we like magazine files)
  • Keep one where you will do the reading (i.e. next to your bed, near the couch, in your reading nook, in your office). Sometimes this means you will have more than one in your home.

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Just Flow With It

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Did you know that you can handle all of the incoming paper in your life in less than an hour a week?!

It is true! Yes paper comes at us from all directions in our lives, but we have come to believe that there is not way we’ll ever be able to manage it all effectively. The way to change all that is to use our very favorite system R.A.F.T.©

EVERY piece of paper that comes into your life can be handled using the R.A.F.T.© steps…

      • Read ~ magazines, articles, letters, cards
      • Act ~ requires you do something (make a call, pay a bill…)
      • File ~ file it quickly and be able to retrieve it easily
      • Toss ~ shred or recycle


Get all of the pieces!

Within the next few posts we will give you more information about each step so that you can set up R.A.F.T.© in your space. In the meantime, download our Paper Systems Flow Chart, get familiar with R.A.F.T.© and invite in the new energy of support you will receive by implementing it into your life. Click on the picture below to download our Paper Flow Chart with R.A.F.T.©…


Clear & SIMPLE's Paper System Flow Chart

*Please note that we recommend implementing this system and starting in present time. Once you are familiar with it and have every step in place, then go to the piles, filing drawers, etc. to clear out and clean up. Paper is its own beast and is very overwhelming. If you desire the help of an organizer, please contact us.


* This post is part of a series, called Paper Flow. Please see posts around it for the full story.

R.A.F.T.©, Clear & SIMPLE, LLC
This post is all about our Do It™ system.
Download our Systems Cards HERE to learn our systems SEE IT.™ MAP IT.™ DO IT.™ and S.T.A.C.K.S.™

Clear & SIMPLE Systems Card

National Organize Your Home Office Day!

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Today is the day to dive in and get it done day!

As if we need an official day to share tools and advice on organizing your home office…but we’ll take it. Quite perfectly, this falls in line with our monthly theme of Power over Paper. To assist you with the most significant items related to our home offices, paper and time, we suggest out latest eBook.

Clear & SIMPLE’S TOP TEN Tips for Paper & Time will give you…

  • Our favorite tools for managing and mapping out your time
  • Our best systems managing your paper in 1 hour a week
  • The secret to handling paper rather than piling paper
We’ve said it before and we’ll keep saying it, only 10% of the human population is born with the “organizing gene.” [Read More]

Contain the piles!

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Here’s the first step to tackling your paper piles!

Get yourself a vertical container that will hold ALL of your incoming paper for a week. That’s right. You get to put it all in there and then process it just once a week. You can even get one for each family member, or one for personal and one for business, to make it even easier to go through. It’s not really magic, but it will feel like it is when your kitchen counter, dining table and desk are clear of all those stacks.

We recommend the mesh wall pocket.

  • It’s Vertical. Vertical = Action. Horizontal = Rest. Using vertical keeps active energy in your papers.
  • Wider at the top. This allows for what Marla calls “the fingertip flip” allowing to quickly find a paper you may need.
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