Everything is more FUN done with a friend – even organizing!

Let’s face it – most things are more fun when done with a friend – shopping, movies, dining, hiking, travel, and hobbies. What is it about organizing that makes us think we have to suffer?  We have to force ourselves to get it done.  It is always on the list but typically the last thing we want to do on the weekend, right? There seems to be shame around letting our friends see our chaos. And yet inviting someone to help is the solution!

This is one of the powerful secrets to make organizing FUN!  Invite a friend to do it with you. Let go of the fear and shame of your friends seeing the chaos and open up to a powerful experience. As a professional organizer for 15 years I have seen hundreds of people be set free when they let themselves receive help from an organizer, a friend or family member.  The important elements are:

    • Pick someone safe who won’t judge you.
    • Do the project in small pieces of 2-3 hours
    • Make it fun by playing music or having snacks
    • Try taking turns and helping each other
    • Choose someone that supports you making a change

I just did this again last week. I invited the fabulous Ruth Hadlock (owner of Streamlined Space) to come help me with my pile up of paper. In two hours we transformed my piles into a simplified fresh system. I was thrilled. And the best part is we had so much FUN!! I intentionally invite other organizers to help me every season. It is the most wonderful gift.

So set yourself free this summer. Find a friend and help each other. You deserve it! And don’t forget to use the Clear & SIMPLE Systems of SEE IT. MAP IT. DO IT. & STACKS to help with where to start, what to do and how to keep it up.

Marla Dee