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Level I
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We are very proud of our successful organizers in 9+ countries!

Are you ready to launch an exciting, rewarding Professional Organizing Business? Come join the Clear & Simple Circle of Organizers and make your dream a reality! Skip the years it takes to come up with a successful, highly-functioning systems by taking Clear & Simple’s Self Study Course. For over a decade, we have been training professional organizers around the world.

Self-Study Course

This comprehensive self-study course allows you to learn at your own pace, while also giving you expert guidance and one-on-one coaching through all the levels of learning. It is the prerequisite for Level II Certification & Level III Mastery. You will receive all the information you need to set up, launch, and work with clients with confidence.

You will receive:

A 240-page, in-depth manual


The best systems in the industry

Tools for all types of clients and where to get them

17+ audio hours of Marla Dee guiding you through the entire course


35+ industry specific and fully customizable forms

The most popular Clear & Simple digital products

Five Levels of Client Care and the forms to go with them


The best systems for paper pain and time management

One-on-one Coaching with a C&S Expert

Clear & Simple, Professional Organizer Training Program, Level II
Clear & Simple, Professional Organizer Training Program, Level I, Forms

Clear & Simple Organizer™

Upon completion of the Level I Course, you can take the exam and receive a Certificate of Completion, along with the credential of Clear & Simple Organizer, CSO™. This tells the outside world and your clients that you have done training in a methodology and can offer professional systems.

The complete course of 30+ hours of training is $1250.

** Please note that before we ship your course you will need to sign Our Copyright Agreement. Shipping and handling is an additional cost, billed separately through PayPal. Within the U.S. $35. We DO ship internationally, please contact us for more information.

Follow your bliss! Become an organizer.

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