“pliio is to your drawers what hangers are to your closet!” – Clare Kumar

How many times do you go to your dresser drawers to find a tank top, shirt or sweater; dig through the piles; and end up having to straighten everything back up or leave it for later because you are in a hurry? It happens to me more times than I’d like to admit and I’ve often longed for a better solution. “Why hasn’t someone created something like hangers for drawers?!?!” At the NAPO conference in 2013 I first heard of pliio™ and thought “Oh my gosh, someone HAS created something and it’s brilliant!”

What is pliio™?

pliio™ is a clothing management system that is designed to make folding, storing and finding your items easy, fun and organized. They are individual filing tools that you fold your clothes onto and then file them into a drawer, pliio storage box, closet shelf or suitcase. As you pull out individual items the rest stay neatly lined up and standing! Currently pliio™ comes in just one size, but coming soon are the smaller filers as well as large pilers.

Clear & SIMPLE, pliio directions

Is pliio for you?

In implementing these brilliant tools into my own home, I found that my 10-year old son and I both LOVE them, but my boyfriend does not want to deal with “one more step.” I had to laugh about this because they make my drawers and my process so joyful to interact with, that the additional step didn’t even cross my mind and has not changed my mind. My son LOVED the process of folding all of his t-shirts, putting them in his drawer and then easily finding something to wear each day. Check out a picture of his drawer below…

Clear & SIMPLE, pliio in action

Here’s a great video to show you the whole “fold, file, find” process… http://youtu.be/dQvnF2I9u7M

The genius behind this brilliant clothes management system.

At the NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers) Annual Conference at the end of May, I had the pleasure of meeting with Professional Organizer Clare Kumar. She co-created pliio™ support people turn messy piles of clothes into organized, manageable and enjoyable files. Clare started and operates Streamlife® and supports people around the world as a Professional Organizing, Productivity Consultant, Speaker and Product Creator. Click on her picture for more info…

Clear & SIMPLE, Clare Kumar


Buy pliioat Amazon or Bed, Bath & Beyond.