Marla Dee shares on KUTV Fresh Living. Get her top tip for keeping organizing SIMPLE!

Second only to Get Healthy is the Goal to Get Organized when the New Year hits. And yet the mere thought of all our stuff and chaos is overwhelming. So getting organized is quickly shoved to the back burner. Especially since only 10-12% of the human population on the planet earth is born with the organizing gene!

Marla Dee, creator of the Clear & SIMPLE Way, has been helping people for 17 years make organizing SIMPLE. Here is her TOP TIP for the New Year. Watch the show here!


TIP: Pick one small, medium and large project for each season.

I see my clients constantly stressed by focusing on all the clutter and organizing all the time. The idea here is to consciously choose three projects for each season and then let go of all the others. They can wait. You will feel the stress leave your body and your brain.

Small Project. By small I mean a project that can be completed in 2 hours or less. Let’s tackle your purse, wallet or briefcase. Another great one is the junk drawer or office supply drawer in your desk. These are areas we are into every day and it feels great to get them organized.

Cool Container -The Everything Organizer at The Container Store to organize your junk drawer, tool drawer, make up or any small items. The Everything Organizer Drawer

Medium Project. This project can be done in about four hours on a Saturday morning when your energy is high.

Great medium size project are the kitchen counter or your bedside tables. These are areas we see all the time and the clutter can drive us crazy.

Cool Container – Try getting beautiful baskets with lids so you don’t see all the stuff.

Your Large Project will take a day or a weekend. Choose only one weekend of the 3 months so you can prepare and enjoy this project with your partner and family.

Some great ideas for the winter are the toy room (now that new toys have come in), your clothes closet, or the home office.

Cool Container – Transform your clothes closet by getting hangers that are all the same color!!

Check out the annual Elfa Sale at The Container Store for your home areas and the FreedomFiler Kit for your home office paper and files.

Get the links for all the products mentioned above, along with other tips, at www.clearsimple.com/resources/

Audience Homework

– Take 10 minutes right NOW to choose your three projects for this winter season. Talk with your partner or family if wanted. Then schedule them on our calendar.

Please share your success with me at info@clearsimple.com or www.facebook.com/clearsimple.com and I will give you a prize. I want you to get organized and have fun doing it – Marla Dee