Clear & SIMPLE, Michelle Powell

As we all get back to school and work, one thing crossing many of our minds is, “How will I manage all the paper?!” Read what Professional Organizer, Michelle Powell, has to offer as support in her article 10 Tips to Conquer Back-to-School Paperwork.

“School has not even started and I have enough paperwork to fill a recycling bin.  If you feel the same, here are a few tips to get your year off on the right foot:

  1. Create ONE organized landing spot for all paperwork, mail, schedules and schoolwork.
  2. Spend a few moments each day reviewing everything that enters the house.  In 5 minutes, you can organize a great deal of information.
  3. If something has a date, put it onto the calendar. (Electronic and/or paper.)
  4. Filter immediately.  If incoming paper does not apply to your child, RECYCLE IT immediately……”


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