Fill your life with the things, the people & actions that you LOVE!

We all know how it feels to get the perfect thing. We love it so much that it finally wears out – that great pair of jeans, the chair that you just have to sit in every night, the sweet cookie jar your mother gave you.  Then there is hanging out with your good friend going for a long walk in the woods, collaborating on a great project, or reading to your child before bed. In this moment pause and bring up something that you LOVE.  Notice how it makes you feel.  Notice if you get a sensation of joy or lightness.

We also know how it feels to buy stuff that never gets used, much less loved. Whether it is the shirt you never wear, the friend you just don’t call, the books you never read, the STUFF takes up space and over time turns into clutter. Then the problem gets worse because now we have to find the energy to go through the clutter. Bring to your mind something you know is clutter in your life.  Notice the difference in your body and emotions just thinking about it. 

Holding onto stuff or getting new stuff coming from a place of guilt or fear is draining.  Choosing the things, people and tasks that we LOVE increases our energy.

Why not stop the stuff from coming into your space in the first place.  Here are a treasures I personally use to guide me.

“Don’t accept anything that you wouldn’t pay top dollar for – in other words that you really love!”
“Imagine how it would feel to be surrounded only by the things that you use and love?”  Karen Kingston
Try the LOVE test…
    • Leave the store and wait three days to see if you really want or need that thing
    • Pause for a couple of minutes and just ask “Do I love this?”
    • Pause for a moment and ask “Do I really want (or need) to do this?”
    • Ask yourself if this person is someone that you love being with or that builds you up
    • Choose to receive only the gifts that you honestly need or love

Here is a treat from The Daily Flame | www.innerpilotlight.com

Dear Marla, 

Love feels crazy vulnerable, doesn’t it? 

small red heart 1

Love can drop you to your knees.
Love can break your heart.
Love can crush you if you let it.
But what’s the alternative? Closing your heart? Shutting out love? Choosing fear instead?
Nope. I know you, precious. And you know better. You know that love can also open you up.
Love can make you giddy.
Love leaves you feeling radically alive.
Love improves your health.
Love connects you, not just to other people, but to me, to Source.
Love is the antidote to fear.  
What do you choose, darling?
Choosing love,

Your Inner Pilot Light