Choose the LOVE vibration…

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Fill your life with the things, the people & actions that you LOVE!

We all know how it feels to get the perfect thing. We love it so much that it finally wears out – that great pair of jeans, the chair that you just have to sit in every night, the sweet cookie jar your mother gave you.  Then there is hanging out with your good friend going for a long walk in the woods, collaborating on a great project, or reading to your child before bed. In this moment pause and bring up something that you LOVE.  Notice how it makes you feel.  Notice if you get a sensation of joy or lightness.

We also know how it feels to buy stuff that never gets used, much less loved. [Read More]

Welcome to Clear & SIMPLE’s New Website!

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Clear & SIMPLE is shining a bright new light!

It is with deep appreciation, joy and amazement that we announce our NEW BRAND & WEBSITE.  Special thanks go to Sharon Benedict, Jeanine Mallory, Ann Webb, Sylvia Nibley, Cat Fishman, Rebecca Servoss and new partner in creation – Kate Fehr!

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at the Simply Mac Store

Everyday we witness the pain of people buried in chaos, clutter and overwhelm.  Our desire is to give hope. We are here to inspire you to clear the clutter of your past and get organized at last!

We help you get organized by teaching the skill. [Read More]

Simplifying PROJECTS

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One PROJECT at a time…

Constantly telling yourself “I have to get through with this clutter and get organized” is stressful.  Here are TWO SIMPLE TIPS that could empower you to get the projects done!

ONE – Choose only one project per season

– For each season, choose one clutter clearing or organizing project and just do that one.  There is a different energy for each of the seasons and aligning with that helps tremendously. When you are finished, your only job is to enjoy the rest of the season by creating something new, spending time with loved ones, taking a class or just taking in the extra space to breathe.

Here are some examples:

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Your Life, Your Vision

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Your VISION is waiting for you…

There is a big difference between having goals and having a Vision! A vision is inspiring and calls you to action.  This is different from a list of goals which can feel dry, heavy and stressful. Why not choose now what you want most for 2014 and make it easy for the Universe to support you.

To keep this simple I will offer three ideas that can be done in mere minutes!

1 – Choose a word for the year.  My word for 2014 is OPEN.

2 – Write an I AM statement for the year.  Mine is “I am helping 10,000 families clear their clutter and create beauty and order.”

3 – Just answer the following 3 questions and trust what comes to you easily.  I am sharing some of my personal answers below.

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