We are drowning in paper, emails, and information overload. It is paralyzing! Did you know you can handle all of your incoming and actions in less than an hour a week?

You heard us – less than an hour a week! We know paper comes at you from all directions and that you think it’s impossible to ever manage it all. Behold…  iRAFT©! We have created a system that simplifies all your interactions with the paper & information. Remember a SYSTEM Saves You Stress, Time, Energy & Money! If you are you drowning in a sea of paper, this RAFT will keep you afloat.

Every piece of paper that comes into your life can be handled using iRAFT’s 5 simple steps:

  • Incoming – every paper item that comes into your life each day
  • Read – magazines, articles, letters, cards
  • Act – requires you do something (make a call, pay a bill…)
  • File – file it quickly and be able to retrieve it easily
  • Toss – shred or recycle

Watch the Marla take you through the system in the video below and then go to clearsimple.com/iRAFT for more. Click here for a printable of iRAFT

iRAFT begins with INCOMING:

As we mentioned above, the information is coming from many places; the mailbox is only one. Think about how much easier it is to start into your email because it is in your INBOX. So for the paper, choose a container that will hold a week’s worth of incoming paper and put everything there!  This includes mail, flyers, notes, etc… You also need a place for thoughts, conversations and such to land.  You might use an app on your smartphone, Evernote or a small spiral notebook.

Then once a week (or more often if needed) you will take all the incoming and sort it into four piles. You simply ask do I need to Read, take an Action, File or Toss. Then take the paper (or move the emails) into each container or folder.

To get the juicy details on the rest of iRAFT go to our website page dedicated to this system. www.clearsimple.com/iraft/*

Please note that we recommend implementing this system and starting in present time. Once you are familiar with it and have every step in place, then go to the piles, filing drawers, etc. to clear out and clean up. Paper is its own beast and is very overwhelming. If you desire the help of an organizer, please contact us at [email protected]



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