Welcome to Clear & SIMPLE’s New Website!

Clear & SIMPLE is shining a bright new light!

It is with deep appreciation, joy and amazement that we announce our NEW BRAND & WEBSITE.  Special thanks go to Sharon Benedict, Jeanine Mallory, Ann Webb, Sylvia Nibley, Cat Fishman, Rebecca Servoss and new partner in creation – Kate Fehr!

Everyday we witness the pain of people buried in chaos, clutter and overwhelm.  Our desire is to give hope. We are here to inspire you to clear the clutter of your past and get organized at last!

We help you get organized by teaching the skill. (more…)

Simplifying PROJECTS

One PROJECT at a time…

Constantly telling yourself “I have to get through with this clutter and get organized” is stressful.  Here are TWO SIMPLE TIPS that could empower you to get the projects done!

ONE – Choose only one project per season

– For each season, choose one clutter clearing or organizing project and just do that one.  There is a different energy for each of the seasons and aligning with that helps tremendously. When you are finished, your only job is to enjoy the rest of the season by creating something new, spending time with loved ones, taking a class or just taking in the extra space to breathe.

Here are some examples:


Your Life, Your Vision

Your VISION is waiting for you…

There is a big difference between having goals and having a Vision! A vision is inspiring and calls you to action.  This is different from a list of goals which can feel dry, heavy and stressful. Why not choose now what you want most for 2014 and make it easy for the Universe to support you.

To keep this simple I will offer three ideas that can be done in mere minutes!

1 – Choose a word for the year.  My word for 2014 is OPEN.

2 – Write an I AM statement for the year.  Mine is “I am helping 10,000 families clear their clutter and create beauty and order.”

3 – Just answer the following 3 questions and trust what comes to you easily.  I am sharing some of my personal answers below.


Community Events

Marla has been sharing the Clear & SIMPLE Way to clear your clutter and get organized for over 14 years. She has changed lives in places such as Barnes & Noble, Wild Oats, the Salt Lake Home Show, local libraries and many more.

Marla’s passion for speaking in the community can be measured by her monthly appearances anywhere the Clear & SIMPLE Message is needed. She shares that her life long fear of speaking melted away when she gave her first clutter clearing presentation.  It was the pain in the people’s faces and stories that struck a deep chord.  She has been speaking ever since!

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Level 3: The Mastery

Our advanced training programs are designed for professional organizers who are ready to specialize. Add a new income stream, receive credentials in specific approaches and benefit from in-depth training with other experts. Some of the offerings include FreedomFiler, Train the Trainer and Ideal Life Vision.

I – FreedomFiler Training and Certification $650 | Now VIRTUAL | Value $900

This powerful & popular training is now offered virtually as a self study for the first time. You get to go through the material and schedule your one-on-one sessions on your time table.  Taught by Marla Dee, CPO and FreedomFiler Certified Trainer.

This is an in depth training of FreedomFiler, the world’s best all encompassing, self purging filing system for home or small business. By choosing Clear & SIMPLE for your training you will also receive a BONUS GIFT of Get Organized, the Clear & SIMPLE Way audiobook, by Marla Dee.

You will cover the following areas:

  The history of FreedomFiler

  The FreedomFiler KIT in detail

  The Four Vital Elements

o Self Purging
o The Funnel
o 3 Measures of Success

  Special Applications including business and going digital

  Tips and Tools created by Clear & SIMPLE

  Giving demonstrations

  Pricing of Kits and making money

We have a couple of questions for you before we begin.

 What is your experience so far with Freedom Filer?

  Have you bought a kit for yourself and put it together?

  Have you set it up for a client?

  Why are you taking this training?

  Do you have any specific questions related to FreedomFiler?

This Virtual Training is given in three modules together with self study work. Following your sessions, you will complete a written self exam and verbal exam with Seth Odam. Upon completion of these exercises you will be certified. FreedomFiler offers a tremendous support system for you and your clients. Thank you for allowing me to share this fantastic system with you!

FreedomFiler Certification

If you are ready to enroll you can do so now… [button_alt link=”https://clearsimple.com/shop/level-iii-freedomfiler/”]ENROLL[/button_alt]

Other Advanced Trainings

If you would like information on any other Advanced Trainings please contact our office directly.

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