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We are celebrating over a decade of training organizers in 7 countries!

Clear & SIMPLE is proud to offer a truly comprehensive training program. Our goal is to prepare you in every way possible to create a rewarding and financially successful career as a professional organizer. We welcome fully motivated students who are ready to transform lives. We have found the key to success lies in having the very best systems and tools including the Clear & SIMPLE systems. If you are ready to start a new, exciting, fulfilling career, we’d love to have you join us!

We have customized a 3 tiered training program to fit your individual needs. We recognize that you might need to take this in stages.  We also invite you to take advantage of as many levels as you can to maximize your learning (and earning) potential.


An easy introduction to our approach is the audio, “Get Organized, the Clear & SIMPLE Way” by Marla Dee, the creator of the Systems and the Professional Organizer Training Program.  This product teaches the systems and then apply them to home, office, paper and time.  Sold internationally since 2007, it is available on Amazon, ITunes, our website, local libraries and many other sources. Regardless of the Training Level you choose, we highly recommend listening to this audio book to learn and experience the power of the C&S Systems that teach the skill.  The most common comment we get back from people around the world is “Wow, I can do this now.” 

LEVEL ONE – $950

Your Organizing Business in a Box – Comprehensive Self Study Course (SSC) | 30 plus hours of study | Prerequisite for Levels 2&3

  • 200 page manual encompassing instruction for the first year operations of your business
  • Audio instruction by Marla Dee (9 hours) taking you through the manual
  • Instruction in the Clear & SIMPLE Systems including SEE IT. MAP IT. DO IT and S.T.A.C.K.S.
  • The complete “Get Organized, the Clear & SIMPLE Way” audio by Marla Dee to study and use with your clients.
  • The eBooks Organizing for Kids, Organize Your Move, Vital Documents & Our Favorite Containers
  • In depth training on the five levels of client care through the Clear & SIMPLE systems
  • 40+ industry-specific forms to use with all levels of client interaction, fully customizable


LEVEL TWO – $4950

LIVE – The 5 Day Intensive Training – Become Clear & SIMPLE Certified™ and an expert in your area!

Our Professional Organizer Training Program is highly acclaimed, with 80 hours of certified training.

This training has been taught to organizers internationally since January 2003. It is currently offered twice a year in SLC.  The training is taught by Marla Dee and her team of professionals and limited to eight students to allow for unique personal support. Price includes SSC and certification upon completion of requirements. There is a deposit that gets you the SSC and holds your spot!

You’ll receive:

  • Complete Self Study Course giving you 30 hours of training before you come to the 5 Day Intensive
  • Trademarked certification as a Clear & SIMPLE Certified™ Organizer | CSC)™
  • In-depth application of the Clear & SIMPLE Systems Experience in the 5 Levels of Client Care
  • A full day on paper and communications organization using the “3 Systems of Sanity” approach.  This includes going paperless/digital systems.
  • Full day on the financial marketing and branding aspects of your business
    • Full day in the field with your own client and a C&S Certified Trainer providing personalized guidance throughout every step
    • Embrace with confidence your ability to use your newfound skills to help get others.
  • Follow up graduation project and mentoring
  • And much more!


LEVEL THREE – $500 and up

Clear & SIMPLE offers advanced trainings for the growth and development of your business.  It is important to us that you continue to grow and get support.  These additional pieces include:

  • Organizers Only Ezine and Social Media Circles
  • Personal business coaching
  • FreedomFiler Certification
  • Clear & SIMPLE Certified Trainer
  • Annual Retreat

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