12 Thanksgiving JOY TIPS! by Marla Dee | November 25, 2014

12 Thanksgiving Tips for More Joy and Less Stress

TIPS from the Fabulous Dorothy, the Organizer!

1. Clean house one day before Thanksgiving and set your table.

2. Select soft music and comfy clothes to set the tune for the day; rise early to prepare your bird or whatever you intend to serve.

3. Prepare dressing, casseroles, gravy, vegetables, cakes and pies one week before Thanksgiving, and then put in freezer.

4. Pull everything out of the freezer Thanksgiving morning to defrost; microwave or bake everything before dinner; please time yourself

5. For decorating, try simple things: a glass bowl of lemons will look attractive; so will a cluster of grapes in a lovely bowl; small bunches of rosemary interspersed with peppercorns which grow on many trees in this part of the country. This will make a lovely table d├ęcor including candles.

6. Invite family members and friends to help. They will enjoy it and make your day a memorable one.

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